A Vedic View Of Nature

There are a number of vedic books available on the market today that concentrate on the subject of nature and all of the little intricacies surrounding it. The environment in which each individual lives is part of nature surrounding that individual.

Have you ever taken the time to sit on your front porch and look around you at all of the fabulous ingredients that make up your environment? Have you ever wondered to yourself where all the beautiful buildings and structures came from or who was responsible for designing them? Have you every wondered what it actually took to design and create these marvelous buildings and structures? Where did the material come from? How did the individual that designed these incredible buildings and structures gain the knowledge to come up with such terrific designs?

All of these questions and many more are part of the vedic view of nature and the environment. These buildings and structures are not illusions, nor did they simply appear over night. In fact, serious thought and consideration has gone into every thing that makes up your environment. The brain intelligence of these designers were created through massive amounts of studying, investigating, and research, but who created the brain in these individuals or for that matter your own? Every thing within nature, whether it is buildings and structures or the brain power behind the individuals creating them came from the Creator.

Many individuals do not care for their environment the way they should. In fact, every day individuals are found throwing trash out of the windows of their vehicles and polluting the environment and nature. Companies are often found misusing the environment by dumping toxic materials into landfills and water ways. Our planet is given to us as a gift, but like the spoiled children that we are all we do is pollute it garbage and misuse the natural resources that have been given to us. The land of this planet and your environment is constantly being mistreated and ruining them in a variety of ways.

In the spring when flowers first begin to bloom and trees once again begin looking alive, it seems as if every thing is once again coming to life. The air is filled with the fragrance of a combination of aromas as they bloom giving the environment a beautiful enchantment that everyone seems to look forward to each year. Every thing that we need to continue to exist and live are freely given to us by the planet from the water we drink to the food we eat to all the resources needed to make every thing in our lives work correctly. So, should we not treat our environment and planet with the respect it deserves?

We should, but instead we, as a group, are the reason behind the green house effect that has caused the such an imbalance in our environment and nature. The constant change within the climate and the bouncing weather patterns are a result of the green house effect. This imbalance has caused our ecosystem to be turned upside down with an unusual amount of storms and natural disasters, which has devastated our environment and all the creatures living in it.

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